Uli Ap is a trans-disciplinary artist working at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

The artist explores a cross-reality zone between virtual, physical, and mental spaces. Merging art, science, technology, architecture, and journalism, the artist creates disruptive performances, intellectually provocative and bodily disorienting situations and systems within which each of your perceptions are challenged.

Uli's theory of new art aspires to artistic investigations that aim to facilitate technological innovation and scientific or engineering research within a sphere of a mutual exchange and inspiration. Art creates a philosophy of cross-reality experience and critique.

Ap believes in a world with no borders and no identity. It is an ambition to challenge our perception of the reality and the self, and explore a contemporary condition of being a (post -) human in our highly technological age. The drive is to erase all the labels and advocate freedom of choice, will, and movement.

Uli says that each of the projects is a separate life sparkled with interaction and exchange with different groups of people and communities. Those new experiences and bold experimentations are crucial components of Ap's artistic process and research – they bring adrenaline, risk, and challenge into both art and life that are inseparable.

Uli Ap lives and works in London and travels the world extensively to exhibit and take part in art residencies.

Ap undertaken residencies in the British School at Rome, 'International Artist-in-Residence' in Aso, Minamioguni-machi, Japan, received inaugural Kim Fielding Award for experimental arts, Cardiff, Wales and Emerging Artists Grant, London, UK.

'Artificial Intelligence of Virtual Reality' is Uli Ap's recent solo exhibition at Ambika P3 Gallery University of Westminster in London as a part of London Festival of Architecture 2019. Uli's work is included in a SciArt Initiative exhibition "Weather the Weather" in New York Hall of Science, New York, US.

Immersive Interactive Investigations [ I I I ]  Uli Ap's artistic agency researching, investigating, and creating a cross-reality zone of site-specific interactive immersive disorienting installations in-between physical, virtual, and mental spaces/realities across art, science, technology, architetcure, and journalism/text/writing.

Sub-agency of [ I I I ] explores issues of no borders, no identity, no nationality, no race, no gender, no disciplines, no labels. It advocates for a totally free egalitarian world of no others.