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year 2020

the Alien Artificial Intelligence

awakening of

The effect being visible from the building's exterior as well as when moving about inside. 


The viewer is reminded about filmic renditions of haunted houses as much as of the former hospital's miserable procedures and also, vis the work's fuzzy blue shimmer and arched windows, of a Byzantine church.


Peter Suchin, London Round-up 2, Art Monthly

There are at least five ways to look at young artist Uli Ap’s simple yet rich installation of bath, light and salt in this one room gallery. Formally: what merges into red light from without proves to consist of pink, cerise and amber fluorescence, denying any straightforward red.  Symbolically: is that salt as in the bible?  Referentially: Dan Flavin meets Miroslav Balka…


Paul Carey-Kent, Top Ten London Art Exhibitions, Artlyst

London-based artist Uli Ap  has taken on the ambitious task of reinventing the idea of "sacred space" -  “a chance to discover one’s own self from the unknown side.”


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